Our Beliefs

  • We believe in one God comprised in three manifestations; God, the Father, the creator of heaven and earth, mankind, and every living thing in this world. God, the Son, the redeemer of mankind and savior of this world; God, the Holy Spirit, the sustainer and preserver of all mankind
  • We believe in the Holy Bible as the inspired, infallible word of God. It is the only rule of faith, guide for practice, and indisputable revelation of God
  • We believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that He ascended into the heaven and is now at the right hand of the Father as our mediator, high priest, and advocate. We also believe in the visible, imminent return of Christ for His saints to reign in victory
  • We believe in the baptism of the believer through emersion. We are baptized into His death and resurrected unto a new life in Christ
  • We believe in salvation by faith through grace through the atonement of the cross. We also believe in the progressive sanctification of the believer who is set apart for the service of ministry
  • We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for all set apart believers. The Holy Spirit fills and empowers believers for witness and service in the kingdom of God
  • We believe in praise and worship through lifting our hands and singing aloud in the presence of God
  • We believe in the operation of the gifts of the spirit. We also believe in the laying on of hands
  • We believe in tithes (10% of earnings) and offerings
  • We believe in the biblical union of marriage being that of one man and one woman


  • Transportation Ministry 
  • Parking & Security Ministry 
  • S.W.A.G. (Saved with Amazing Grace) Dance Ministry
  • Mime Ministry 
  • Step Team Ministry 
  • Vessels of Praise (V.O.P.) Dance Ministry
  • Marriage Ministry 
  • Seasoned Saints (Seniors Ministry)
  • Zero Gravity (Youth Ministry)
  • L.I.T (Living in Triumph) Young Adults Ministry
  • Ushers Ministry 
  • Nurses Ministry

Our Story

The Oak Grove Baptist Church as we know it today was first organized as the Oak Grove Christian Church by the late Reverend Lake in 1925. The basis of our name was originated because of a large oak tree that stood in the church’s front yard. The initial membership began with approximately nine (9) dedicated members who were on one accord to serve the Lord. Reverend Lake served as pastor for three (3) years. Reverend Lake’s time as pastor was followed by Reverend Albright, Reverend Harper, Reverend Spencer, Reverend Carter, Reverend Baker, Reverend Singleton, Reverend Clarence Dortch, Reverend Augusta Miles, Reverend Kirby Murvin, Reverend William Lowery, and Reverend Paul Mosley. Under the leadership of our previous pastors, many organizations were formed which included a Missionary Circle #1, organized by Sister Tate, Sister Clara Alston, and Sister Mary Hill. Under Reverend Baker’s leadership, our first Deacon Board was organized. During the leadership of Reverend August J. Miles, the Trustee Board, Missionary Circle #2, Pastor’s Aide, Senior Ushers, Food Service Department, Senior Choir, Young Adult Choir, Junior Choir, Deaconess Board, and the Male Chorus were all organized. Sister Mary Hill served as the church’s very first devoted musician. In 1983, Reverend Kirby Murvin became our pastor and organized the Mother’s Board. Under his leadership we experienced a name change and became the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church. During this time, Sister Arletha Campbell served as the musician for Choir #1 (previously named the Senior Choir). In 1988, the first Sunday in April, Reverend William R. Lowery became the 11th pastor.

Our church moved from its old location, 1300 Furlough Street to our present location, 1710 East Green Drive. Under the leadership of Reverend Lowery, the Nurses’ Aid, Evangelist in Action Program, Labor of Love Offering, First Lady’s Aide Board and the Extra Mile Offering was implemented. Several ministers were licensed under his leadership. In 2004, Reverend Paul Mosley became our 12th pastor. Under his leadership came the reach-out ministry, in-home ministry, birthday committee, praise team, and reorganization of the mass choir. In this short time, he also licensed two (2) ministers and ordained several deacons. In the year of 2010, Pastor Robert J. Tillman returned to our church and was installed as the 13th pastor after serving our church as interim pastor eight (8) years earlier. It is with great belief the Lord divinely orchestrated this spiritual reunion. With God’s vision for our church burned in his heart, Pastor Tillman immediately began working to transform our church into a bible-based, well-rounded, exciting & thriving ministry that breaks the bonds of tradition and operates in total excellence while ministering to the total man (mind, body, & soul). This passionate work has already given birth to the men’s fellowship ministry, women’s fellowship ministry, conferences and empowerment sessions which has helped to make our church the place of renewed hope”.