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Robert J. Tillman, Sr. Pastor


We Welcome You

The ministry of Oak Grove is committed to renewing hope to the hopeless and changing lives at all cost. God has supernaturally intensified our yearning to reach the  unreachable. Come worship with us.

Worship With Us

We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for all set apart believers. The Holy Spirit fills and empowers believers for witness and service in the Kingdom of God. Join us to experience God's presence on a new level.

Life Changing Word

Worship with us at 11:00 am as Pastor Tillman fervently delivers a Life Changing Word. For the Word of God is living and powerful...Don't miss your blessing and kairos moment!

Fellowship With Us

Join us to be edified by the fervent, powerful Word of God delivered by our auspicious Pastor Robert Tillman. And He said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." Mark 16:15

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'The Place Of Renewed Hope'
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Active Ministries

Oak Grove Baptist Church


Oak Grove Baptist Church is a spirit-filled church that has been divinely orchestrated to serve and meet the needs of anyone who is seeking a refuge in God.


We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for all set apart believers. The Holy Spirit fills and empowers believers for witness and Kingdom service.


Oak Grove Baptist Church is a rich Word church. Join us to be edified by the fervent, powerful Word of God delivered by the auspicious, Pastor Tillman.



Pastor Robert J. Tillman and  Lady Likesha M. Tillman wish to  welcome you to Oak Grove Baptist Church's new  home on the web. We believe you will find it to be equally enlightening, edifying, and encouraging as we do. We hope our website is a blessing to you and possibly a catalyst that will lead to a future fellowship. May God continue to richly bless you and your family.


Zero Gravity

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Come join the hottest, new youth ministry movement in the Kingdom of God - Zero Gravity. Exciting, ecstatic, energetic, engaging, stimulating, and just plain FUN. Fellowship with Oak Grove Youth today!

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Active Ministries


Culinary Arts Team Ministry The Culinary Arts Ministry is designed to provide food services for the congregation, special services, and events. This ministry should seek to radically advance the Kingdom of God by providing hospitality and services with a high level of grace, true excellence, and a loving heart. Our culture believes food brings people together and inviting people for a great meal is a non-evasive way to get them to church, minister to them, as well as help them figure out their purpose and destiny, while renewing their hope for life.

Iron Men’s Ministry Iron Man Men’s Ministry is the men’s ministry of Oak Grove Baptist Church, designed to focus on the spiritual growth and development of all men within our church. It is our desire to empower and help each other to become better leaders in their homes, church, on their jobs and within communities through relevant activities, outings, social events, and fellowship. We plan to provide men with the necessary tools to be mature disciples in Christ and develop programs that address real issues men face, while developing strong men for future generations.

Ladies of Hope (L.O.H.) Women’s Ministry The LOH women’s ministry is comprised of all women of the Oak Grove Baptist church regardless of age. This ministry strives to draw women closer to the heart of God and the amazing plan He has for our life. Through sisterly love, retreats, empowerment services, and gatherings the women of Oak Grove purpose to build up, encourage, empower, and enhance each other’s lives through Christian fellowship, which we believe to essentially transform us from ordinary to extraordinary women after God's own heart.

Media & Technology Ministry This ministry exists to provide the best quality media, sound and technology needs of our church. This ministry coordinates with other in-house ministries to provide tape/DVD recordings of our services to the sick-&-shut-in. They work to ensure the equipment is used correctly and copies of tapes/DVDs are made to buyers, and perform sound checks and setup microphones at least 30 minutes prior to services beginning.

Music Ministry The music ministry of the Oak Grove Baptist Church is comprised of the praise team, United Voices of Hope, Youth & Young Adult Choir, Spiritual Choir, and the Men of Praise. These voices exist to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ through musical excellence! Our ministry through song is intended to set an atmosphere that is conducive to a fresh move of the God and that will strengthen, encourage, and uplift souls with the anointing so that yokes are destroyed.

Singles Ministry The Singles Ministry of Oak Grove Baptist Church is a welcoming, nurturing gathering of individuals who are not married that come together for spiritual, social, and economical fellowship. This is not a Christian dating conduit, but rather a community of Christ-center believers that encourages growth, service, and celebration with each other. The gatherings, functions, activities, and services focus and foster a life of spiritual wholeness and holiness in God while unmarried.

Marriage Ministry The Marriage Ministry strives to help couples grow closer to Christ and closer to each other, while restoring the true meaning of Gods design for marriage. Committed to encouraging and equipping couples in all stages of marriage to have healthy, strong marriages, this ministry creatively engages couples through empowerment services, workshops, socials and outings.

Seasoned Saints Ministry The purpose of this ministry is to provide stimulating activities, outings, social events, and fellowship for the seasoned members of the Oak Grove Baptist Church. Through these associations, it is our desire they are reminded they are still needed in the work of the Lord and to allow them every opportunity to share their gifts, wisdom and knowledge with others as they continue their walk spiritual walk.

Zerogravity Youth Ministry ZeroGravity is the youth group of our church which is comprised of all of the young people of our ministry 17 years old and younger. ZeroGravity strives to see that every child has a positive experience at the Oak Grove Baptist Church so that he or she will fall in love with Jesus and desire Him forever. We exists for the purpose of bringing young people to the saving knowledge of Christ at the earliest age possible, and empowering them to believe they can excel in every area of life with God! The goal of this ministry is to create a safe and loving environment through fun, fellowship, devotions, and scholastic programs. This organization has been identified and founded based upon the core characteristics we believe our young people hold and the scripture, Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. It is our proclamation, “ZeroGravity – With Christ Nothing Can Hold Us Down!”

Ushers Ministry This ministry exists to provide faithful services to the church by our presence and dedication in helping our Pastor, members and all guests feel comfortable as possible during the worship service with the spirit of excellence. "And God has appointed these in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healing, HELPS, administrations, varieties of tongues" (1 Corinthians 12:28) We believe God has set the ministry of helps into the Church. The above scripture reveals several important truths that your ministry is ordained and anointed by God Himself: 1) you have been divinely set in the Church for a purpose, 2) your ministry in helps is just as important as other leadership offices such as the apostle and prophet and 3) it is a supernatural ministry like miracles and healing.

Nurses Ministry The Nurses Ministry is designed to provide first aid and other limited medical services to the congregation during worship services and events with the spirit of excellence. Participants of the nurses ministry must have the ability to remain calm in chaotic circumstances will simultaneously making good decisions. Duties and responsibilities will include but not limited to: be attentive to identify when medical attention is needed, be prepared and efficient at all times (including proactively being aware of any and all emergency plans in place), facilitate and provide direction in the case of an emergency situation while maintaining a controlled environment, acting as a representative of the church and a liaison between the pastor and a patient (patients family) by following up afterwards with a phone or visit to access the progress of their recovery., keep an open line of communication between with the president, responsible for the overall care and concern of the congregation.

Transportation Ministry The Transportation Ministry is designed to provide a means of transportation for members who have challenges in getting to our worship services. Those who work in this area of ministry must be skilled motorists who are comfortable working “behind the scenes” to glorify God. Duties and responsibilities of this ministry will be providing and coordinating safe, reliable transportation services, to and from church.

Parking & Security Ministry The parking & security ministry will be a vital faucet of our ministry that will see to the overall safety and efficiency outside the sanctuary. Each ministry team individual must present carry themselves in the spirit of excellence, which often times include Christian-gentlemen-like conduct. Ministry team of individuals will provide safety and assistance before, during, and after the worship service and special events Ministry team individuals must arrive 30 minutes prior (or earlier depending on the event/service) to the service beginning. Ministry team individuals are required to be on post regardless to weather conditions (with the exception of extreme conditions). Ministry team individuals will help to facilitate traffic in and out of our campus safely.

S.W.A.G. (Saved With Amazing Grace) Ministry SWAG dance ministry is a combination of the mime ministry and vessels of praise dance ministry. Using both variations of dance, music and arts, these individuals unite to encourage and convey the message of Jesus Christ through dance.

Mime Ministry The purpose of this ministry is for our young men to minister using the art of movement and gestures to encourage, inspire, uplift, and win souls for Jesus Christ. Mime is a non-verbal art that uses body movement in order to communicate what words cannot. The Mime Ministry is composed of young men who exercise this powerful tool to portray the gospel and other biblical truth. The history of mime dance refers to giving a dramatic performance, using only facial expressions, gestures and movement to speak to an audience. Mime is the art form of speaking without verbal communication. Through this art, your facial features and gestures are your speech. When you add the painted white face along with music and dance, you get a form of communication that is dramatic and engaging.

Step Team Ministry The Step Team Ministry allows the youth and young adults to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ through the art form of stepping. Stepping is choreography of rhythmic moves using hand clapping and foot stomping. Here at Oak Grove Baptist Church, we believe stepping is another form of worship through the ministry of arts that consists of moving the arms, clapping the hands and stomping of feet to a rhythm or beat. The purpose is to minister using the art of strong movements and gestures to encourage, inspire, uplift, and win souls for Jesus Christ.

Vessels of Praise Ministry Vessels of Praise (V.O.P.) dance ministry ministers using liturgical and praise dance to win souls for Jesus Christ. Liturgical dance is composed of ballet, jazz, and some modern dance elements. The tempo of praise dance is upbeat and faster than the tempo of liturgical dance. Clapping, rocking of the body, and waving of the hands are typical praise dance movements. By including a variety of movements we hope to invoke praise and a sense of relating to the music for the young women.




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"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like
eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 40:31